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Not to mention the CPU load on the text searches required for the intellisence. Nor does it actually ship with SA2 and get installed on your PC. LoreZyra — the product page has the link to the samples at the bottom. Really Superb work guys lot of improvements over Sencha Designer 2. Great work Guys. I can tell you this sort of thinking is the mantra for Sencha as a company in Have a directory in the install folder called examples and provide a link to them within the application itself.

Or, they are behind a strangely configured proxy.

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I see threads to download older versions of Architect and , but not for here. Can anyone 8 Oct , PM #2 · bjdurham hi. i just downloaded the evaluation version on SA for mac and i tried to install it on a macbook Join Date: Jul ; Posts: 2; Vote Rating: 0. 0.

Sometimes, you have to install everything via USB stick. As for the feature request, you are more than welcome to discuss this kind of stuff in the forums.

Aaron Conran — Thanks for your detailed answer. I may try the override method and will use the forum to get some answers :. LoreZyra because the samples are continually updated or expanded. If you can provide an option to open the application using Android Simulator Windows Simulator may be in future also some options to preview in web browser directly form Sencha Architect that would be great.

Deploy, Package, Simulate are all things we are rapidly improving over the next few weeks. Expect UX to improve here. There is one thing missing which I need for my next project, Touch Charts. When will Touch Charts be included in Architect? Is this on your radar? Nice work…. Even from the command window [ sencha create jsb -a somehtmlfile. Are there limitations with the trial version?

Sencha Architect 2 is a great tool but it needs more grid features like header filters and normal filters. Have you planned to add grid filter features soon? It would be fantastic! Nice tool! Is it possible to integrate third-party libraries? Not with the code part, but with the setup of Sencha Architect, and how to setup Deployment etc… your videos give good command line references about what to do after it is etc..

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Roger Boone — I completely agree. I have a similar background, and would like to be able to leverage what I already know how to do — but have experienced the same degree of frustration getting something working from the ground up. Sencha Touch is a great API. You might try having a look in the forum and — for that matter posting your comment there. Hi, I am unclear on how to get the examples code into architect for further modification. Like the let get started app. The example code provided with Architect does not include the whole project archive for import.

Or am I missing something? It would we REALLY helpful and instructive, to be able to import that code for review in the context of Architect and also provide a starter base for new apps. Wow… Just finished a tabpanel with 5 tabs, each with its own Grid View..

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It was so easy to start on the first tab.. Changed the URL in each proxy.. I had this running in 45 mins…. Normally something like this would have taken me 3 or 4 hours… You guys at Sencha did an excellent job on Architect.. There are a few bugs here and there,, but no show stopper..

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Also, it would be easier to write code fast in the Events if there was intellisense… Years ago.. I used to have fun programming… now.. I just program… but I actually had fun programming that little app.. On another note… When an error occurs in Architect you should provide a link to click that takes us somewhere we can report it.. Charts are a fundamental part for our applications, please help…. Nice product. How hard is it to move a project from Designer 1.

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Do you have any upgrade pointers? We are working on additional documentation guides. Glenn — Ext JS 4 projects built in Designer 1. If you have any project that fails, please post it as a bug in the Sencha Architect forums and we will help you out. I have to agree with Jeremy. I think the ability to directly import example apps from folders would be a killer feature. Oddly it was not the examples shown here or included with the download.

If you open those with Architect, it opens in the app as a project and you can see the whole structure. It would be simple to export the the tutorial app used in the demo with this extension and otheres would be able to just open it, sturcture and all, with one click. That would be really helpful! But the ones included with the download do not include this critical file archive. Granted the sample apps provide plenty of examples and use of code but you have to hunt for them.

When I am using the code editor the compiler works after any change but it takes the focus and I need to do a click on the edited line to continue writing. I have a lot of windows and components in my app and I noted that the editor takes more time to verify the edited lines.

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Why I lose the focus until I am editing code? Aaron Conran Where could I have samples on adding external resources using them on overrides??? Or Is it so hard to implement it? But then, the extended code is not reflected in the GUI either.

Version 7.0 for Windows 64-bit

What skillets are needed to use Sencha Architect? Meaning do you need to be a developer or could a UI designer be able to create basic interaction with this product? Your email address will not be published. US: 1 Sencha Architect 2. Now, you can build Touch and Ext JS apps through drag and drop. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Click to watch our launch video The foundational concept behind Architect 2 is simple: a visual app building tool that creates code as clean and well structured as the code that a Lead Architect at Sencha would write by hand.

In-line Documentation Now every component, property and configuration comes with handy inline documentation, and if you need more, there are quick links to go deep into the API reference. Source Control-Friendly File Format Architect 2 projects are easier to manage and track via source control. Keep asking for new features, keep reporting bugs, keep showing us your examples. If you are upgrading from an old copy of Ext Designer 1, please read the following carefully: — If you bought Ext Designer 1.

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RowModel Ext. MoSync currently supports versions of Android 2. Architecture The core features of Titanium SDK include: A cross-platform API for accessing native UI components such as navigation bars, menus, and dialog boxes and native device functionality including the file system, network, geolocation, accelerometer, and maps. Spinner Ext. ButtonGroup Ext. When I am using the code editor the compiler works after any change but it takes the focus and I need to do a click on the edited line to continue writing. Another problem is that the target of the dropping can be hidden under other objects.

Comments Holy shit. This is huge. Nice work team! Spectacular addition to the Sencha developer tool belt. Awesome work Sencha Thanks!

When will Architect be built with Architect? The software is aimed at Web designers and users who want to create cross-platform HTML5 apps in a visual, drag and drop environment. Sencha Architect 2 is an upgrade from the company's Ext Designer HTML5 layout product and can be used with Sencha's other products Touch 2 and Ext JS 4 to facilitate touch-based mobile app development or development of standalone desktop Web apps. Sencha says it dropped the name "Designer" because it no longer described the functionality of the software.

It's moved from being a User Interface design tool to a more all-encompassing package that lets engineers and designers work together in the same environment.