Install windows on mac without cd or usb

Installing Windows 10 on a Mac without Bootcamp

It will ask you to Authenticate with your administrator Name and Password.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac OS without Boot Camp?

Click Replace. If this happens, open terminal and type the following command:. Make sure your Bootable USB is plugged in. Open Boot Camp Assistant and you will see 3 options. Check Install windows , and hit continue , select the size you want to dedicate to windows and click Install. The process might take several minutes.

Once the Partition is ready, your computer will restart into the Windows installer, follow all the instructions, and enjoy your new windows partition! Remember that when you finish the installation process, you should download and install the proper Boot Camp Support Drivers so that everything works perfectly.

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This is written by Alvaro Martinez for Hongkiat. FAT32 Format: Master Boot Record. Open unetbootin , enter your password, set the options as follows and click OK:. USB Drive Drive: Your USB drive you should only see one entry here.

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  • Installing Windows 10 on a Mac without Bootcamp?

If you see more than one drive listed, you may confirm which is your USB drive by opening the Terminal and typing:. This process takes around 15 minutes to complete. In Disk Utility , select your internal hard drive on the left panel, and click on Partition. In this step, we revert this additional change made by Disk Utility by switching back to a pure GPT partition table. If your MBR partition is set to hybrid , please continue with step 4, otherwise if it is set to protective , you may skip the rest of this section.

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I also have a MacBook Air which I successfully installed Boot Camp on with the use Create a Bootable USB; Create Partition; Install Windows. It's also the only option for a Mac that used to have an optical drive but no Use the virtualization software to install Windows into a virtual.

Simply type q and hit return to exit GPT fdisk. This step is critical as I have had rather serious problems during Windows installation when certain external drives are connected. Unplug everything from your Mac except your keyboard if wired and your bootable Windows USB stick which we prepared earlier.

If your Mac contains multiple physical drives, you will need to disconnect all disks except the one which you intend to install Windows on or you may encounter the following error:. Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation.


Does it need many requirements? Is that true? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Which One Is Right for You? Download Boot Camp drivers 1. What problems are you running into? It's also the only option for a Mac that used to have an optical drive but no longer does, since for some reason these devices are no longer able to boot from USB.

You can of course install from an ISO here, making the state of your disc drive irrelevant. Kill the virtual machine as soon as it reboots the first time after finishing the installation, stopping Windows before being able to configure itself. Use the virtualization software's features to mount the virtual harddrive.

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Install a tool called WinClone. If your virtual drive is mounted, WinClone should be able to see this in the tab 'Image'.

Pull this into an image onto your harddrive. Now choose the 'Restore' tab in WinClone and restore this image to your Bootcamp partition. Now you can reboot and boot into your Bootcamp partition with rEFIt, which is no longer of any use from this point on, but you can keep it around as well. Windows should now continue configuring itself and finish the installation. Kilian Koeltzsch Kilian Koeltzsch 2 You're going to run into problems if it's even a bit too small, which quickly happens when you're aiming for the same size.

So for safety, make the FAT partition a little larger, a gigabyte should definitely suffice. I have to comment that only some Macs with optical drives are not able to boot from USB. Linked 5.