Migrate macbook air to mac mini

How to transfer files to a new Mac using Migration Assistant

In all three cases, the old computers and the new ones were running High Sierra, and all three migrations failed and had to be redone.

Many things in tech are frustrating, but few are more upsetting than getting a new machine that then takes hours and hours to get set up. Connect them with an Ethernet cable instead with the appropriate adapters if necessary. Or consider using a different type of cable and Target Disk Mode.

Before you begin

William Foley. On your old Mac: Works for MacBooks too. MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. I want to buy a Macbook Air and transfer absolutely everything from my Macbook Pro.

What do you do? This gives your new macbook an Ethernet port and then you can plug in an ethernet cable from your old Mac directly to to your new Macbook.

Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation?

Use Migration Assistant to copy all of your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings to a new Mac from another computer. After you migrate data to your Mac, be sure to authorize your Mac in iTunes. It's important to authorize before you sync or play content that you.

Very sad. For example I had a friend and it said it would take over hours to do the Migration! Also if you have any other computers being used on the network which you probably do then it will slow everything down. So only do this as a last resort. And turning off all the other wireless computers, ipads etc in the house will make it faster. See this good article for more info on this! See this article from Apple about target disk mode.

I want to buy a Macbook Air and transfer absolutely everything from my Macbook Pro.

I have a lot of information on my Family Tree maker program Can I transfer program and all to the new Mac? Thank you. The screen boots up through the apple icon phase, but otherwise has a scrambled display of digital squiggles. Can and should I take it into a genius bar, and will they assist? Or can I simply buy a thunderbolt to ethernet cable and will the hard drive and desk top show up on my new retna?

How to Transfer all Files from one Mac to another using Apple Migration Assistant

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Thanks so much. Id not.. I backup my macbook to an Iomega drive via the firewire port. I think apple makes a Thunderbolt to firewire cable. I have just bought a new macmini I7.

Only have USB on the Macair. What do you suggest. I have an external drive and also an HDMI to ethernet adaptor. You may find dozens of apps that you rarely use.

Your Home Folder: Again, take this opportunity to check whether you need to keep all of the files in these folders. Your Library Folder: By default, this folder is hidden, but it contains many files that you should copy. For example, all of your email is in this folder, as is the information in the Contacts app.

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First, you need to access this hidden folder on the new Mac. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G, and then type: Click Go to view the contents of this folder. In another Finder window, do the same thing to view the old Library folder.

Three Tips on Migrating to a New Mac

Type the appropriate names for the backup disk and your user name. I do, however, suggest that you go through that folder and copy over any files or folders for apps that you do use, especially if, when you launch them, their setup is different. However, you may just want to manually reset the preferences for your apps; this is a good way to rediscover your apps and their interfaces. So make sure you know where your serial numbers are. As you work on your new Mac, you may find that certain files are missing. You may need to go back into that folder and copy some other files to the new Mac.

Preparation for Migration Assistant

What about permissions if you do a clean install? Will there be issues, and if so, how does one resolve them? There should not be permissions issues when you do a clean install and manually copy your files into a new user account. Documents, Downloads, Music, Photos, etc. It is risky to copy third-party apps from one Mac to another.

Many apps install files in several locations.

How to move your content to a new Mac

It is much safer to redownload all the third-party apps you use regularly and reinstall them from scratch. Replace your new User home folder with your old User home folder.

How to Move Files to New Mac - Migration Assistant Tutorial

This article has perfect timing for me. HD was dying. Did a complete backup on time machine, and installed a new HD. Im about to cancel that and start over fresh. It may save me a gb of space. Thanks for writing this informative article! I have a number of high-end apps with limited installs. Neither method takes this into account and it can be easy to forget about before wiping and selling the old machine.

Is there any way I can get them migrated over to the new Mac? This is an old post, but it might help some people. Preferences files are generally tiny, far too small to worry about.