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Playing Kotor 2 on Mac. How do I enable cheats?

Steam Workshop support! The last time I wanted to play it was in , just after I'd read about The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod TSLRCM , which aimed to properly finish the game by polishing and integrating lots of extra content that was found floating around on the disk but which had never been put into place into the game itself. We're not just talking an extra little side quest here or there, either. TSLRCM restores major combat encounters and character arcs that had been left on the cutting room floor. Then I had to fight with a collection of mods and edit a couple of.

Next, I had to figure out which restoration mod I wanted, and which version of that mod I wanted, since there were some disagreement in the fandom about which content was Truly Meant To Be Played, and which was cut because it just wasn't very good. All of this was a huge hassle. Which didn't mean that the game wasn't worth the hassle, but it did make it hard to recommend KOTOR II to anyone who wasn't already as committed as I was.

Now, with this update, I don't have that problem. It is my favorite game.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates

The team at Obsidian got a hold of the Star Wars license and they decided to poke and prod and pull at it until they could shape it into something unique, but not all together disconnected from the rest of the franchise. And it does all this through a collection of characters who are deeply human, even when they are forces of alien horror. It asks us to reject the classic Jedi morality of Light and Dark, but then also insists that we build a new mode of ethical being for ourselves and our communities.

Also, I really like the way they mixed up lightsaber combat. My guy used a cool, single silver-bladed lightsaber. He was great. So, any of you dive into this yet? Any other long time fans of the game stoked for this update? Your comments will act as a sort of psychic salve for my sickness. I don't know why I haven't.

I love Star Wars.

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Now's a good time, I suppose. Surprised to see this. But I very much appreciate the support! And I will reiterate what I have said many times before: If Obsidian had managed to complete the game as intended it might have very well been the best Star Wars game ever made. Amazing story potential. Really great to see they worked with the mod team to get the content-restore mod as an easy Steam Workshop add-on, it's the only way to play the game.

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KOTOR's mechanics might feel a bit worn out but it's worth it to just take a couple of the poorly balanced, overpowered abilities and play through the game for the story. It is a shame that they weren't able to release it finished, but man it was a fun ride. I agree with Austin, if you haven't played this game, take some time to explore it! The first one was more polished and put together experience, the story was pretty straightforward with some exceptions dat twist but it really captured the feel of the films.

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Bundle: $ - The Mac Observer

There was always something about 2 though, it was rough, unpolished and out there on more than one occasion, but it was kind of glorious for all that. It was one of the few games where I played a female character when given the choice, just because it "felt right" to the story.

I'm very much intrigued to go back and play it, if only to see all the cut content, hopefully the actual ending is in there. I'm playing this with my boyfriend right now, so I'm very excited to see this update happening!!

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Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi Order in ruin. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II. Download Star.

And you are spot-on with your comments about how it challenges the player. Love that game. Though the combat can be incredibly frustrating at times. Yo dude, if I'm not mistaken, the bulk of this article is about how you don't need to go get that The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod anymore, because the development team and the modding team worked together to develop the Restored Content Mod for day-one availability through Steam Workshop now that the game supports Steam Workshop.

Even with the restored content mod, KOTOR 2 is still sadly unbalanced, frequently busted, and unfinished. It's great but I can't in good conscience consider it better than its predecessor. Especially since, through all of the poking and prodding at the existing Star Wars mythos and Jedi philosophy, KOTOR 2 often resorts to being cryptic and difficult just for the sake of it. Also, after starting a playthrough of it around the beginning of the year and falling off of it, the opening of KOTOR 2 is glacial , and so restricted. Peragus, Telos, the military base, it's all like 7 hours way longer than I thought it was of things that don't highlight the strengths of the series.

Taris was such a better opening. But still, people should certainly play it. It's amazing that every update anyone wanted is now there.

It is not the destination that matters. It is the journey.

Sign in or Open in Steam. How does it work? Fortunately, they were excited about what we were doing with the updates and were able to be there with the biggest mod on launch day. Live Chat. Views Read Edit View history. We get asked this a bunch, for good reason, so we encourage folks to sign our petition. KaYnE Soul Reaver.

Warts and all, that game was on another level for me, and I think it's criminal that it mostly haven't been given its due. It helps because, as you said in the article, it picks apart the typical narrative tropes that Star Wars had been saddled with since the original trilogy, and it critically examines just about every aspect of the 'hero's journey' along the way. No other Star Wars story feels nearly as well-thought out and self-examining.

It also has perhaps the most interesting 'villainess' I've ever seen in a game, which I put in quotes because even that title seems up for debate depending on where you stand in regards to her philosophy and actions.

And between this and Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian has made two of my favorite games of all time, both from a ludological standpoint and a narrative one. I'm half-convinced they're wizards.


I am very stoked for this as I have generally not gone back to the game because of the non native widescreen support made it a hassle to play. It's mainly because just doesn't look right and I can't stand the stretchy look when you mess with it in games of that era.

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I always noticed the broken narrative in the game it's really hard not to considering how it ends but always considered this the better of the two KOTOR games. I have to get back to this, but again as I've said on these forums before my backlog is a real problem so we'll see. It's really awesome they went back and did this for this game, though. You never see that and it's very unexpected. My favorite instance of this happening is the relatively very, very recent support for Worms Armageddon, by two active community members who were hired by Team17 to continue patching and developing the game when they tired of doing so themselves.

The game was released in , and its latest patch is from The two fan-devs have been responsible for all patches since More info:.

[MAC] How to install mods for Kotor 1 & 2

Thanks for the catch! The graphics are extremely dated but the voice acting still holds up well and the story is really compelling. Also combat isn't the best, so I just cruise through it on easy. Given this article I might go back and play KOTOR 2 but I remember being pretty disappointed by the ending, but that was a long time ago. Source: Steam. Cult of Mac. Become a YouTube mogul with this all-inclusive training bundle [Deals]. The new AirPods Pro are fandabbydosey [An appreciation].

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