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Welcome to the forums. You must have at least one notebook. Is it possible that you are trying to delete the only notebook in your account? I have around 30 notebooks and would like to delete two.

Both of the notebooks I want to delete are currently empty. I attempted to delete them both ways, with notes and empty. So far I have been unsuccessful each time.

I'm not the OP, but thanks forever-evernote! I had the same problem this afternoon, which is how I found this thread.

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I didn't have a "delete notebook" option upon right click. I was using version 5. I went to the App Store and found there was an upgrade waiting for me.

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This way cannot uninstall built-in apps as well. I had the same problem with LR5 and Mavericks. I went through the third method twice but once I started it up all that was on the screen was the boxes for name and password. Hot Network Questions. Manually uninstall VirusBarrier Call up the Info panel of the volume with your photos.

It upgraded me to 5. Give that a shot OP. I have an older version of Evernote but suspect this will work for all - As many Mac users know, the equivalent of a "right click" is to hold down the Option key and click on the target. A drop-down menu appears. When I just did this, pointing to a notebook I wanted to delete, the drop-down menu included a "delete notebook" choice, which I made you'll asked to confirm. It's gone.

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Surprised the Evernote techies didn't know this? I'm using a MacBook Pro. Thanks all for your help. I was the problem, and now have to admit publicly how humiliating that I was not doing the correct keystrokes for a right click on my laptop. I'm a newbie mac user, so please forgive me for wasting your time. However, I am happily deleting notebooks now, so it was not entirely in vain!

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Again, thanks to all. The holding Option and clicking method did not work for me. You can delete a notebook by control-clicking on it either in the sidebar or in the notebooks list and then selecting 'Delete Notebook…'. My solution The proper menu appears. Moving the cursor on the notebook which I wanted to delete and tapping the trackpad using 2 fingers worked for me, a menu appeared then where I could choose "Delete Notebook", after having emptied first the content of the notebook the conflicting notes.

I have a short screencast showing how to rename notebooks, and in it you can also see how to get the menu for deleting them. Perhaps this will help. Deleting a notebook is very easy. Click on the "control" button and point to the notebook you would like to delete. A drop-down menu then appears where you can delete the notebook.

The fact that there's so many people that struggle to delete a notebook should be a clear indication to Evernote UI designers that there's a major issue. I've wasted the last hour trying all the suggestions within multiple forums to delete a notebook. While it could be user error on my part, it is a fact that many people like myself have struggled to simply delete a notebook, which is one of the most basic functionalities of such a system.

Why is it this unintuitive?

Call up the Info panel of the volume with your photos. Make sure permissions is granted i. Check 'Ignore ownership of this volume. This content has been marked as final. Show 20 replies.

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Thanks for the information, I'll give it a try! Right click on "Adobe" folder, choose "Get Info". In "Sharing and Permissions" section, add your user account if it is not already listed. Change permissions to "read and write" 5. Click the gear icon at the bottom and choose "apply to enclosed items. Find the "Adobe" folder and repeat steps above. This problem only appeared with LR 5 and it seems to me that it's something Adobe need to fix.

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Anyone else got any ideas? Thanks Gary, I'll maybe try this though I'm not keen on fiddling about in Terminal. I came across a workaround on the web in a forum can't remember which one and it's simple. Return to LR and you should find that photos delete normally after that. Hope this helps. Wow, thanks! This finally worked for me.

This bug has been a huge headache for me for months. Yes, Martin's suggestion totally worked for me.

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This is how I solved it, thanks to combined information posted on forums: 1. The above was still not working until I noticed one day magically the missing picture icon started to show up in LR 4. Thank you Martin Rosindale for your help. Thank you for your response.

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I was so frustrated! I look forward to LR 6. Thank you so much! Go to original post. Retrieving data Last modified on Skip to: content search login.

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