Spilt drink on mac trackpad

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I sat in a beach bar and watched the sky turn from pink to purple. Otres Beach is one of my favourite hangouts in Cambodia, and the perfect place to celebrate buying a new Macbook with a margarita or two. With the tender gaze of a woman who had just given birth, I reached over my cocktail and caressed the sparkling aluminium unibody.

My fingers tingled with anticipation as I ran them over the crisp Retina screen, along the edges of the glass trackpad, and around the pristine keyboard that had yet to be used as a plate for my sandwiches. I looked up at Dave with glistening eyes. I swung it towards him in a swift arc that ended when I slammed the glass into my laptop.

Mine had just bathed in a combination of all four. I was screwed. I skidded into the room in a panic. While my laptop was dribbling alcohol from every orifice, I left it resting upside down for three nerve-wracking days. I opened the Keyboard app and began to map out my new layout. So, that was annoying, but I could work with it.

Literally, I could work with it, which was what I needed because I had deadlines to meet. After a week, the M and backspace were back to normal. It took about a month for the keyboard to sort itself out but after it did, I had no further problems. Left for 2 hours.

Came back, hit return amd screen still black — power off and read this site.

My instinct told me to get my super powerful home vacuum and I sucked the keyboard for several minutes with very high level vacuum. Then I sat with a hair dryer on cool setting for maybe 15 minutes, directly on keyboard upside down in my lap. Powered up, it appears completely fine!

Gray screen eventually turned to my login page. Try vacuum and cool hairdryer tricks, the worked for me :. Thanks, laptop angels! It got pretty soaked before I discovered it the next morning. After shaking a few tablespoons of h2o out of it, it was as dead as Jesus. Halleluiah, God lives!

The Mac started right up the next morning 10 hours!! I spilled an entire cup of water on my MBP the screen did not shut off at all and it was making weird noises, I unplugged and turned it off I turned it upside down on a towel after I dried it off, and when I looked at it the caps lock key had the light still on. I really would like to have it on today as I have a major assignment due. My MBP is my everything.

My whole life depends on it. I use it for work and accidentally spilled a cup of tea onto the precious thing. Never have I been so disappointed in myself. The liquid seeped in almost everywhere, keyboard, the back of the keyboard …god knows where else. In a state of panic I immediately took the cable off and turned it upside down onto a towel.

Stupid enough I tried to switch the MBP again. My cat spilled whole coffee on my Mac Pro, I turned it upside down right away and used the fan method smaller fan in laundry basket without the tower. Ten days later, it turns on. When I rebooted it the question mark folder shows up and I used Apple Hardward Testing info, holding the D button while booting up. Now it worked except the wifi, maybe it busted.

Any tip?!

Trackpad partly stopped functioning after tea spill?

Thanks by the way. I spilled water on my bed while sleeping, the water traveled to my MacBook Air and entered through the bottom. I found water in most of the plugs, and where the screen and keyboard meet. Should I wait it out with the upside fan method or just throw it in rice?! I spilled a whole glass of water on my Macbook Pro today. I used a hairdryer to blow on the vents to try to dry up as much as possible — note: do not put the hairdryer too close to the keys as they will buckle. I sprayed liberally onto the keyboard and vents and dabbed dry the excess.

Better safe than sorry, you should let the MacBook dry out completely for 48 to 72 hours, while off, with a fan to be safe. I pored Coco cola over my laptop today. I first turned it over let most of the water dry out then put it in rice. Thanks in advance. It says use a fan, it does not say to use a heater. You used the Mac when it was wet, it probably short circuited some hardware. You will likely need to take it to an Apple Store to get fixed and repaired. I knocked over a cap of tea on my macbook. Thankyou for reply.

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This technique worked like a charm and I had no damage. One day of fan and one day of rice and was perfect.


I had a problem with my trackpad not clicking properly as well. Thinking that something had spilled on the trackpad, I removed the battery to. spilled water on my macbook pro and now the mouse/trackpad doesn't work. also i can hear the fan constantly running. (loudly). More Less.

I did get rice in my computer so I had to get the apple store to open my computer and remove it. I was so in shock, I couldnt believe it happened- I am always so careful with my electronics. It went directly on the trackpad and the area around it, also on my keyboard but luckily i had a keyboard cover and I am pretty sure none got in the actual keyboard or the bottom of the laptop. I ran around for a few minutes trying to find a towel to clean it up…. I dried it off with a towel, a hairdryer and its been turned off since, and I put some rice over the trackpad.

I plugged in my charger earlier today and the green charging light came on… but I am unsure if that means if I am in the clear or not. I am going to try and turn it back on tomorrow and will post an update, but I am praying that it still works! My lesson has been learned.. Right now I have set up the fan thing so I am hoping it is not to late my for Mac to revive. They told me to buy a new one. My cat knocked over a glass of water on my bed next to my laptop that was sitting closed.

The worst of it, was this just happened to me oh 3 months ago!!! That time I tried to power on and. I was desperate to see if it worked but also knew to wait. My daughter pushed me to see since it had been almost 4 days.

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Well, I am typing on it and I am SO happy it works!!!! Diet coke. Got it turned off and upside down instantly. Used a blow drier for about 30 minutes, and then suspended it over a hot-air furnace floor vent, turned the heat up, and left it for the rest of the day.

What To Do When You Spill on Your MacBook

The computer works fine, but the retina display has shadows and the colors are not right. No fluid got into the display. If I have to replace this laptop, the savings will pay for much of it. Apples for kids and spouse; it adds up. I will leave it for another few days.

Thanks for the advice. This afternoon around 5pm my son lent across me to turn the volume up on my Mac Airbook and in the process knocked a full glass of water all over the computer. I was both livid and devastated in equal measure! I have to say as I looked at my dead, forlorn Mac dangling upside down with a cheap fan blowing air on it under a crate left behind by the Tesco delivery driver I did not hold out much hope. My son could still be heard sobbing in his bedroom.

Many thanks :.