Rachael ray sloppy joe mac and cheese casserole

Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes + Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tempeh

Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole from Broma Bakery — This was a family favorite and my daughter already asked me to make this again.

My only criticism of this recipe is that it should be called Taco Tater Tot Casserole. This recipe had none of that but does have taco seasoning. I forgot to serve this with sour cream and it was still tasty. Although it sounds like a weird combination of ingredients, somehow it works. I did not use beer in my recipe. Instead of the gochugang sauce the recipe called for, I used a tablespoon of chili garlic sauce.

Even that was probably a bit much, since the chicken turned out pretty spicy. However, I used a pound of chicken and there was no leftovers and not even enough for seconds. I served this with rice and veggies.

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This will be made again! Cajun Chicken Alfredo Shells from Closet Cooking — This was probably one of the more time consuming meals to make over the past two weeks. The night before I was going to make these my husband pre-cooked the chicken for me in the Instant Pot. While the shells cooked, I made the sauce and got the chicken and broccoli mixture together. These were pretty tasty, but I think more work than it was worth.

Luckily, there were leftovers which my daughter and I took for lunch the next day. I served these shells with a Caesar salad.

My kids rarely eat a cold cut sandwich, but both enjoyed these wafflewiches. The sauce and slaw was easy to throw together and it packed a lot of flavor!

Calories in Rachael Ray's Mini Meatball Soup

There was a bunch of slaw and sauce leftover, which we are using in fish tacos! I try to find new-to-me recipes that are quick and easy. Hopefully, you will get some ideas for your dinner this week, based on the pictures and reviews of what I made this week! There was no way we were eating after 7 PM, so the Instant Pot to the rescue. I put everything in the Instant Pot and then cooked it on the stew setting for 35 minutes. It took a little bit of time to prep and then have the Instant Pot get to heat. But it was a lot less than 2 hours!

I served the stew over white rice, instead of with the yellow rice that the recipe suggested. I put the leftover white rice into the tortilla along with some shredded cheese. I used taco mix cheese and cheddar jack. I served these with yellow rice and veggies. Wednesday — My husband and I went to his company awards dinner, so no cooking for me.

We made the kids chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. The sweet potato fries took some time to cook about 40 minutes. But otherwise, there was relatively little cooking, just making the ricotta mixture and frying the eggs.

This was a tasty vegetarian meal that was easy to put together. Meal planning is an essential organization tool, ensuring that I get dinner on the table each night.

Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese

This was easy to make and was really tasty! I had never made, or even eaten, beef picadillo before, but this was good! The kids really liked it as well, minus the green olives. I served it with rice and veggies. I omitted the rib eye steak from the recipe. I thought that with the beef patty was a bit much. I discovered that you need a heartier roll than a regular hamburger roll. Ours got a bit soggy and was difficult to hold the burger with the onions and peppers.

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In my opinion, the burger needs more seasoning than just salt and pepper. Burgers tend to be a fairly quick and easy meal. I served these burgers with fries. I used four packages of ramen noodles for the four of us and there were no leftovers.

Rule the Kitchen with More Recipe Faves

Wednesday, June 29, Grilled Pesto Spread. Manny busts food myths. Thanks to Leigh for bringing the episode to my attention so that it wouldn't just sit in TiVo waiting for me when there was such exciting news! She offers her thoughts on the recipes and on the cookbook. There were a lot of tasty recipes this month and hopefully this gives you some new dinner ideas!

I could have probably used one or two more packages of ramen, since there were hardly any noodles left for seconds. I served this with edamame. My husband decided to make Nacho Fries for dinner. It was a great idea, but I guess poorly executed. He add shredded cheddar cheese, salsa, chopped tomato and sour cream.

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My tempeh looks moldy!

Back in October I stopped posting a weekly meal plan on the blog. If you are interested, you can read all about my meal planning process! This is actually a recipe that I have made before. I used regular-sized english-muffins and only a little over a pound of ground turkey.

Springtime 30-Minute Meals

I ended up with five smaller-sized burgers. I think the flavor of the burgers depends on the grill and poultry season you use. I sauteed an onion in some oil in our cast iron skillet. Then I added some peeled, diced potatoes and cooked for about 20 minutes, flipping them a couple of times. Once the potatoes were cooked and browned, I added the diced corned beef.

Sloppy Joe & Mac'n Cheese Bread Bowl

I heated through for a couple of minutes and then topped with some fried eggs. This was a quick and easy dinner. It used up leftovers and the kids loved it. I make this once every couple of months but should make it more often. I serve it over rice, but you can eat it as-is for a low-carb meal. This recipe takes an hour to cook, so not a quick recipe.

However, it can be prepared the night before. I actually made this on a snow day, when we were all home, so I prepped it in the morning. It was nice not having any dinner prep later in the day and just had to stick this in the oven. My husband even mentioned this dish as a possible Christmas morning breakfast.