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3 of the Best Disk Space Analyzers for Mac OS X

The best space analyzer is already there. Unix command line with utilities like du, find and so on. What about JDiskReport?

I use Disk Cartography — another one without a mention. This article seems very narrow and consequently of limited value. Paul, we are anxiously awaiting your expanded take on this disk analysis matter.

‎Disk Cleanup Pro - Boost Space on the Mac App Store

When will you publish it? There is a serious omission here. Grand Perspective works about as well as the others and is donationware.

I like presentations which are visual and, for me, the wheel layout makes it very easy to quickly see what is using your disk space. It does the job but it is a bit outdated in terms of functions and looks. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: John says: April 29, at Al says: Paul says: April 30, at 1: Tyler says: May 3, at 4: Eddie says: Scott says: April 29, at 1: April 29, at 2: This allows you move items from local storage and save them to your iCloud account.

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All of your files will then be synced to the cloud. You can then use a Mac disk cleaner to get rid of the locally stored duplicates. By enabling Optimize, previously watched media will be automatically removed from your computer and kept in iTunes where you can download them again if you get the urge to give a show a rerun. A full hard drive results in a slow running, overheating Mac.

The best way to keep your system running smoothly with plenty of room for files is to keep on top of disk space. Use these apps to analyze disks and perform routine cleanups. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X. Your Mac.

Mac Disk Usage - Check Disk Space on MacBook Pro

Should that does not help, you can try the Help forum. You can provide feedback about GrandPerspective in various ways: Browse and submit bug reports Browse and submit feature requests Use one of the forums for GrandPerspective for other feedback. GrandPerspective is fully internationalized. This means that it can be localized to support languages other than English.

Spring clean your Mac with these awesome apps

Disk space storage analyzer apps for Mac DaisyDisk is by far the most attractive storage analysis utility, with a beautiful and intuitive interface. Disk Inventory X, disk usage utility for Mac OS X. If you've ever wondered where all your disk space has gone, Disk Inventory X will help you to answer this .

I can manage the translation into Dutch, but for any other language, I will need your help. So, hereby a call for volunteers.

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If you want to help out with making GrandPerspective available in your mother tongue, or any other language you speak fluently, find out how you can help. You can show your appreciation for GrandPerspective and support further development by making a donation. GrandPerspective is certainly not the first of its kind. Tree maps have been around for a while , and their application to file systems is not novel either. A few other disk usage visualisation tools that employ tree maps are: Sequoiaview , which is the one I bumped into first, because as it happens it was developed in Eindhoven, which is where I currently live.

I haven't tried them though. So, why GrandPerspective? Well, as you may have guessed it's a fun little coding project and I needed to pick something to code on my new Mac Mini.

How to check your Mac's free hard drive space

Having said that, it does have a few things going for it. Secondly, GrandPerspective has its own way of visualising directory trees. The layout algorithm that is used is simple and effective, but novel to the best of my knowledge. Also, the file rectangles are drawn to be as clear and unobtrusive as possible.


Whether you like it or not is a matter of taste, but you've got a choice. Thirdly, GrandPerspective will intentionally be kept as basic as possible. It should do one thing only, and do it well. That means it is a lean and mean application. GrandPerspective's memory requirements and the size it occupies on disk are pretty minimal.

How to clear disk space on Mac

For those concerned about disk space, the latter must count for something, right? Finally, it has a cute logo that will enhance anyone's Dock. It is very positive about the application and its author You won't be disappointed. See that big red blob?

That's my laptop's hibernation file. It does its job perfectly. Recommends GrandPerspective as a great Mac application.

How much does it cost?

But, I had second thoughts and tried it out. I'm glad I did. It does exactly what I want. Thanks so much, Grand Perspective. What's not to like? My favorite tool for finding them [is] Eriban's free GrandPerspective.