How to block a website on my mac

How To Block Websites In Safari On Mac

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Other website blockers are too easy to cheat. Scroll down the list and tap Safari. Select "Applications" in the left sidebar and scroll through the list of applications until you find "System Preferences. Click OK. Let's check out each of them. If you still can access the 'blocked' websites, restart your device. Top job FocusMe!

In the window that pops up, hit the "Parental Controls" icon it's a yellow circle with two stick figures inside it, in the bottom row. Enter the computer's password for access note that you may need to hit the padlock icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the word "Web" from the taskbar at the top of the Parental Controls window. To allow access only to specified sites, click the "Allow access to only these websites" option and enter the sites that will be permitted one by one; to block specific websites, click the "Try to limit access to adult websites" option, then hit the "Customize…" button.

Apple suggests a list of kid-friendly sites by default. In the popup window, enter the names of sites that are always to be blocked, then hit "OK.

How to block a website on Mac with Parental Controls

Now just make sure your kid, students, or employees can only log into the account you just configured to limit access, or all that work was for nothing. And remember that these settings will only apply to Apple's own browser, Safari. If you want to block websites in Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, you'll need to download specific add-ons for those browsers.

A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Today, the Internet is overflowing with malicious and offensive content.

How to use Parental Controls to block websites on a Mac - Business Insider

Many parents seek to prevent children from seeing these websites and blocking them is one of the best options. Another common situation in which you may want to block certain content is at the workplace to ensure that employees stay focused and productive, rather than reading news or perusing social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The easiest way to control access to content is to set parental controls on children's or employees' accounts, however this is not always possible. For example, setting restrictions on an administrator account is not straightforward.

Fortunately, there are several other options to control content including third-party applications that work as website blockers and screen-monitoring software. A more advanced option would be to configure the host file so that the system blocks connections to websites included in a 'black list'. In this article, we will cover all three methods to block and unblock websites on Mac computers. Table of Contents:. We start with the simplest method: set parental controls for the existing account or create a new restricted account.

3 easy ways to block websites on Mac

If you do not have an account without administrator permissions, Parental Controls allows you to create a new restricted user account, or to convert your existing administrators account. You are advised to create a new account for your children - select Create a new user account with parental controls and click Continue. In the next window, complete the form with details of the new account bear in mind that a hint will be useful if you ever lose or forgot your password.

Once you have created a new account, select it from the list on the left side of the window. This will allow you to set restrictions for applications available with this particular account. Also, to set a time when this account can be used on the computer. To set restrictions related to websites, choose the Web tab or Content in earlier versions of the Mac operating system.

You will see three options:. The last useful feature under the Web tab is the Logs This displays information about recent activity relating to websites accessed on this particular account. You can choose a period you want to check via the drop-down menu beside Show Activity for. This method requires use of the command line and some specific commands.

There are cases when this technique does not work at all, however the advantage of this method is that you will also be able to block websites on administrator accounts.

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Launch the Terminal application by using Spotlight. Simply use the keyboard shortcut of Command and Spacebar, or go to the Utilities folder under Application through Finder. If you make a mistake when editing the hosts file, you might run into a situation whereby no websites are loaded. To prevent any unexpected scenarios, create a backup copy prior to modifying the hosts file.

This will allow you to recover the hosts file to the previous version. Type the following command and press Return.

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Terminal will ask you to confirm your actions with an administrator accounts password, since you are using super user permissions. Once you have created the backup, open the hosts file by entering the command listed below. The new text editor window will prompt:. Alternatively, you can use the following command to the edit hosts file through the Terminal application rather than the text editor:. Experience the freedom to do what matters most. Social media, shopping, videos, games The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering.

Mac OS X : Block Website or Web Service (Edit hosts file)

Freedom gives you control. If you need to focus on your work, break a habit, or simply improve your relationship with technology, Freedom can help.

A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

If you keep wasting time on the same websites, and need to get productive, use this trick to stop your Mac from visiting that site. How to Block and Unblock Internet Sites (On a Mac). Blocking certain websites finding adult content. You can create a website "blacklist" for your Mac in How do I unblock a website on my computer? Community Answer.

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