Como formatar um mac com pen drive

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How to format a USB drive on a Mac

Well none of the above worked for me. New SSD invisible to all. Tried removing and encasing, then formatting on my other mac — that worked fine, then reinstalled. Invisible again. Disk Utility and Terminal do not see it. Is there something I need around making it bootable?

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I am sorry to hear that your SSD is still not working. If you had purchased your SSD from us please contact our tech support team. None of the above worked for me. Hi, Scott.

Top 5 USB Flash Drive Formatting Software for Mac

I recently tried to install Transcend Jetdrive but after erase it vanished and not even these commands found it Any ideas plaese. Sorry to hear about the issues.

My recovery mode is in Mavericks. Do I have any options? Is my computer basically a paperweight at this point? This is very dependent on your exact computer and replacement drive.

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Whether you want to format a flash drive on your Mac or convert a USB hard drive to use as a media player, Disk Utility makes it easy. Most external hard drives and USB drives are compatible for use on Mac computers as long as you format the Connect your USB drive to your Mac computer.

If you bought an OWC drive and are having issues please contact our tech support team. I have a MBP , with high sierra now. I remember not being able to use the web recovery mode so i had to re-install lion using an external bootable usb with lion on it and upgrading via the app store all the way up to yosemite and sierra.

I am no expert but you could do the same with mavericks in your ssd and upgrade from there. To make things easier, I created a bootable thumb drive with High Sierra with the recovery partition. With this, you can do a clean install of High Seirra. Great article. Read more about our cookie policy. Kingston USB drives are pre-formatted with a FAT32 file system for cross platform compatibility and for optimum performance.

Formatting this drive with Windows, Mac or Linux may cause a performance decrease. The solution to obtain the best possible performance is to format the drive with the Kingston utility located below.

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Kingston Format Utility usage procedure Live and Learn. Anyway, the was copied and it was readable on both MAC and PC but when put on the TV, the device was detected but no media was found movie. I then tried it on my other samsung TV and same problem. Does this sound logical?????

Well, Samsung technical support was unable to offer any troubleshooting other than a reset. Since that failed, they are sending out a repair technician from a local authorized dealer.

How to Check a Drive’s File System

That technician said he can only replace the main board and there are no other diagnostic capabilities so he is ordering a new main board for both my LCD and Plazma TV's. I have never heard of such poor tech support in any big company before. If it is the board I am inclined to keep corrupting them until someone at Samsung is smart enough to verify the cause and prevent it or at least issue a warning. If they are willing to send out a tech to replace the board, then they must think it is a possibility but why not try and reproduce the issue in their lab to confirm??

The other reason that the system may identify but not play a specific movie title is the way it was encoded. You would want to make sure that the drive is a MSC device, and maybe get a bigger one that was formatted or designed for Windows. I do know that the service departments would be more likely to replace the board than to solder or replace the actual USB port in the event it was faulty, so if it is a port issue, you'd actually be getting the best possible repair.

Thanks for the reply but Here is the updated status. We even tried to copy his media files to both of my devices and they were unreadable. So what is preventing media from being recognized on both of my USB and External HD since they had both already worked in the past. Here is what happened.

Since that time, the devices have not allowed data to be read only from Samsung TV's. If the devices are being corrupted specifically for the TV's, we should know how to prevent it from happening to all MAC users. If anyone can suggest what I can do to get these devices working again for the TV please throw it out there.

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I refuse to buy new media devices for my TV if they are going to be rendered useless for a yet unknown reason. Ok, this is a problem that will likely only ever happen to MAC users so here it is. There are two ways to fix it. For some reason the manufacturers drive utility formatted the drive in a different manner than Windows does.

IT would be wise for Samsung to use this information in their tech support bulletins. I'm having the same problem. Thank you!

Como iniciar um MAC com o Pen Drive. Como Bootar pelo Pen Drive um notebook ou computador Apple

I'm having the exact same problem and the reformatting of the USB is also not working. Any more suggestions? I just got off the phone with Samsung Tier 2 tech and he was going to send me a thumb drive to ensure I have the new and latest firmware update because I couldn't even use my thumb drive 3 times reformatted to ensure I had current firmware. Then he said we would have to try it and if it didn't work This is a real inconvenience for someone who lives an hour from town.